Comments on: Hinckley Challenge
hey i like the scriptures
~ Submitted By: alex - 11/18/2013
~ Submitted By: alex - 11/18/2013
i love reading the scriptures [out or the book] and you also need to change some stuff i agree with the other people makeing fun of the scriptures i totally agree and am only 10 seriously people wake up ill send more of these later and i mean it
~ Submitted By: a fan - 04/21/2013
~ Submitted By: sean - 12/09/2012
"I know that the...pig... is alive." ~This reminds me of my Chinese class.
~ Submitted By: Ann O. Nymous - 11/25/2012
"Brotheres, release me for this storm will kill us all! Besides, look how swollen my ankles are!" haha!
~ Submitted By: sillycooki - 07/22/2012
"Hey, I'm feeling more spirtual already!"
~ Submitted By: sportsgirl - 07/22/2012
its gross how you can see the spit drying up
~ Submitted By: ron - 09/04/2011
Josh!!!Not in front of a million muggles!!!!!
~ Submitted By: erwkf - 07/18/2010
thats a good toon but its a bit old
~ Submitted By: qwertyuiopasdfg - 07/04/2010
this is what my life is like... only I stopped reading HP a long time ago.
~ Submitted By: Josh - 06/26/2010
heavenly fathers plan is like the ultimate inscurance policy. we pay and get many great things in return. If we pay our taxes, we will recive a great and many things. And I love this! XD! ;}
~ Submitted By: Josh - 06/20/2010
Faith in something greater than ourselves enables us to do what we have said we'll do, to press forward when we are tired or hurt or afraid, to keep going when the challenge seems overwhelming and the course is entirely uncertain.
~ Submitted By: bad credit car - 06/11/2010
Too. Awesome.
~ Submitted By: RUMBLEROAR - 04/11/2010
Sorry! I messed up my earlier comment.
~ Submitted By: windows registr - 03/17/2010
You are one creative dude! I enjoyed it.
~ Submitted By: windows registr - 03/17/2010
Nice work done by you keep it up
~ Submitted By: web development - 03/07/2010
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~ Submitted By: payday loans - 02/13/2010
This is freakin' awesome
~ Submitted By: Mick the Stick - 01/31/2010
My comment was to long so i'm going to finish,you should make it about like all the books in the book of mormon and even in the bible to! And that would be so completely awsome! thanks again and again: -kayla
~ Submitted By: kayla - 09/27/2009
Hi again i'm gonna leave another comment and i think you need to make some changes happen i'm gonna explode! Ok so one thing i've said on almost all of the comments i've left you should put them on you tube that would be so cool! So more and more peaple will see it and know about bomtoons and you should like totally like make a video like not all about nephi and his bros but like about them traveling in the dessert and not only one about being in jeruselem that would be wicked! And y
~ Submitted By: kayla - 09/27/2009
~ Submitted By: dare u - 09/27/2009
Alrighty here i am again i've almost gone to all off your videos and there so funny but i think i'm gonna have to say this is my fave! Again put them on you tube!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks: -kayla
~ Submitted By: kayla - 09/27/2009
We watched this video in Early Morning Seminary!It was so funny!!! I love it!
~ Submitted By: Meghan - 09/22/2009
BOMLVR, um you'd have to be Wolverine or Quicksilver to read the BOM in three hours.
~ Submitted By: Fangs - 09/20/2009
i dared my dad and he did not accept it?
~ Submitted By: oh phooy - 09/20/2009
This is so funny! I love it so bad me and my family get so many kicks out of your videos all the fricken time thanks for putting your effort for theses videos!
~ Submitted By: abbey - 09/13/2009
stupid lightning powers why couldnt i be born a mutant haha love this website it makes u feal happy ha ha and could u really read the scriptures in 3 hours dare somebody to try it
~ Submitted By: BOMLVR - 07/16/2009
they should make a BOM toons version of even more bloons/more bloons/bloons/bloons player pack 1/bloons player pack 2/bloons player pack 3/bloons player pack 4/bloons player pack 5and thats whats all!!!!!(p.s whith all BOM toons charakters(plus elder jones when he was both young and missionary))
~ Submitted By: bloons monkey - 04/05/2009
Excellent movie, definetly make more and ill keep watchin good job =D
~ Submitted By: Jean-Michel Mor - 01/18/2009
That short movie was the most awesome movie thing i've seen in 45 years. ROAR!
~ Submitted By: Random Person 4 - 01/18/2009
ha ha ha that is so funny
~ Submitted By: LOL boy - 12/28/2008
HAHA! that was so so FUNNY i couldn't laughing out laud
~ Submitted By: bman - 10/11/2008
Lol I liked this. It was good.
~ Submitted By: Brad - 09/29/2008
The perspective of this cartoon is from a teenager. Therefore, the attitude toward the scriptures is his. The scriptures are something you grow to love. i know i wasn't very interested in them at first. were you? that, i believe, is the purpose of short. not to make light god's word, but to illustrate how the challenge may seem difficult and needless at first to a young reader, may become interesting after faith and time. This is evident in the serious "moroni" sequence at the close
~ Submitted By: John - 08/31/2008
I can't believe a grown woman would say that this is a mockery of the scriptures. Yes, you do feel more spiritual reading the scriptures, that's the point of these flash videos. They're supposed to help nonmembers and other people understand the scriptures in a simple, yet funny way. That's exactly why it was serious at the end (not when he wakes up) because that was when the message that READING THE SCRIPTURES MAKES YOU FEEL MORE SPIRITUAL. It's usually referred to as a climax.
~ Submitted By: finchywinchylyn - 08/31/2008
If you think this is a "disgrace" and a "mockery" then you have a pretty weak sense of humor.
~ Submitted By: Nick - 08/25/2008
This is a disgrace. A mockery of the scriptures. Yes, you do feel more spiritual when you read the scriptures. Every other part of the toon was horrible!
~ Submitted By: concerned mothe - 08/24/2008
I think this is hilarious! My favorite part is Laman and Lemuel having the disco party on the boat.
~ Submitted By: crura - 08/08/2008
Wicked awsome!!! this rocks!!!
~ Submitted By: Brett - 07/27/2008
Oscar just got done watching this about 3 or 4 times in a row. He thought it was funny and so did I.
~ Submitted By: Oscar Scoville - 07/20/2008
Its so funny! its the only website that is fun for sundays!
~ Submitted By: jenna williams - 07/06/2008
1. This is awesome. 2. This website is my favorite. 3. I'm pretty sure someone deserves a hi-five.
~ Submitted By: ME!! - 06/24/2008
okay. so if u really want to know how i fell i think it could have been a heck of a lot funnier. but all well it was pretty funny
~ Submitted By: helga - 05/25/2008
~ Submitted By: PETER - 04/27/2008
HAHA! Funny stuff. I was sitting with people around me here at school and couldn't help but laugh out loud and get strange looks. Keep them coming :)
~ Submitted By: John Meservy - 03/12/2008
Only by sending a link through your own email. What did you have in mind for being able to "share" them?
~ Submitted By: Nick - 02/06/2008
Is there a way to share these ?
~ Submitted By: Lorraine Gilmer - 02/05/2008
Now this is how to get kids excited about reading the scriptures!!! :)
~ Submitted By: A fan - 01/16/2008

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