Comments on: Brother Nephi's Adventure
wait no more than 6 its been....11 yeah
~ Submitted By: cathryn - 04/24/2016
game 3 please.... iv'e been waiting six years...
~ Submitted By: cathryn - 04/24/2016
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~ Submitted By: Hermione Grange - 04/19/2015
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~ Submitted By: don't - 02/22/2015
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~ Submitted By: ANONYMOUS - 10/12/2014
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~ Submitted By: ??????????????? - 07/13/2014
this game is avery good game for children and my children love it.
~ Submitted By: abigail craig - 05/04/2014
how do you get past the wall?
~ Submitted By: hello - 03/10/2014
I love it!
~ Submitted By: yutrutfrytfrytr - 12/02/2013
This game is awesome,but so is chapter 2.
~ Submitted By: bomtoon lover - 11/25/2013
part 2 is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Submitted By: samuel - 11/03/2013
This game is so cool!
~ Submitted By: Ninja - 10/21/2013
~ Submitted By: mormongirl - 09/15/2013
~ Submitted By: poop - 09/15/2013
seriously how do you get past the wall!?!?
~ Submitted By: may - 09/15/2013
it's so easy to do
~ Submitted By: awesomeness - 06/30/2013
how do you get past the wall?
~ Submitted By: Rybob - 05/22/2013
wont load on my ds!!!! stupid thing!!!!
~ Submitted By: wallaby23 - 05/05/2013
I think you knew how to arouse interest in me! I like the article so much that I think I didn?t even notice that I?m reading with an open mouth! Really very cognitive! So I?m writing here for everybody to enjoy it! Have fun!!!
~ Submitted By: MAC foundation - 07/11/2012
Who read all of the comments?
~ Submitted By: AmazingsauceMcG - 11/13/2011
mormon mormon mormon mormon mormon mormon mormon mormon, I know a mormon boy, he is my pride and joy, he knows most everything from Alma on down, Huh, Someday I'll be his wife, we'll have eternal life, oh how I love that mormon boy! I
~ Submitted By: cherry lollipop - 10/16/2011
the steaks don't look so bad to me...
~ Submitted By: MLG - 08/21/2011
don't say that cuz its really mean, i know the guy who made this game...
~ Submitted By: sillycooki - 07/31/2011
you guys are awesome and this game rules!
~ Submitted By: ben - 07/31/2011
i hate this game
~ Submitted By: you suk - 06/19/2011
Hi. It is I, Croquet Mallet again. I SERIOUSLY think this place has the MOST comments. When does "Quest for Wives" come out?
~ Submitted By: Croquet Mallet - 05/01/2011
that game is awesome! i like the second one too but its way more harder.
~ Submitted By: sillycooki - 04/17/2011
Hey! It is I, the one, the only, -Moron- Croquet Mallet. I like this game a lot, but the second one is the best.
~ Submitted By: Croquet Mallet - 03/27/2011
It takes a while to load, but fun:)
~ Submitted By: Billybobjoehans - 03/27/2011
i love this game
~ Submitted By: brandon - 12/30/2010
yayz lvl 2 is out!!!! i compleated it in 4 mins and 30 seconds. and on lvl 1 2 mins and 45 seconds
~ Submitted By: bobber - 12/26/2010
Huh. The game's not working. I click "play" and it goes to the NEWGROUNDS logo but then stops. And won't do anything.
~ Submitted By: Sirius Black - 11/14/2010
como eu jogo? quaissao as instruçoes?
~ Submitted By: jennyfer - 10/31/2010
The game is very close to being done! Stay tuned!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 10/27/2010
~ Submitted By: katie - 10/25/2010
Hey! you finally made the next chapter!
~ Submitted By: Carrie - 10/24/2010
CHAPTER 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
~ Submitted By: katie - 10/18/2010
this game is awsome but it NEEDS PART 2! (sorry if im pushy)
~ Submitted By: amber - 10/03/2010
~ Submitted By: 292 - 09/26/2010
~ Submitted By: frustrated - 09/12/2010
You take a chill pill mr."awesome"
~ Submitted By: frustrated - 09/12/2010
take a chill mr. frustrated
~ Submitted By: awsome - 09/05/2010
~ Submitted By: Frustraded - 09/05/2010
tang inang mukha yan ange pretty ng mukha nyu pak u gagu
~ Submitted By: shin - 08/23/2010
This is NOT stupid! The Are you human thing is!
~ Submitted By: Navi - 08/08/2010
~ Submitted By: kjui0h79 - 07/25/2010
just wait it takes a while to load
~ Submitted By: slazes - 06/26/2010
this won't load...
~ Submitted By: Josh - 06/26/2010
i do not like this
~ Submitted By: AJ - 06/20/2010
it hasent been made yet
~ Submitted By: slazes - 06/06/2010
Wow Lemual is fat and just because of a steak he died! I mean he eats garbage! What a weird man!
~ Submitted By: McKenna - 06/02/2010
How do you get on the second Nephi?
~ Submitted By: McKenna - 06/02/2010
how do you get on to number 2
~ Submitted By: maddie - 05/23/2010
No kidding. Im soo glad the 2nd one came out!!
~ Submitted By: Kassidy - 05/23/2010
No kidding cho chain
~ Submitted By: Kassidy - 05/16/2010
i agree, a second one would be nice
~ Submitted By: awesome one #72 - 04/23/2010
You've been promising this to us for a couple YEARS now, Nick...I think it's time you got cracking.
~ Submitted By: Cho Chang - 04/11/2010
are you going to make a new one
~ Submitted By: slazes - 04/10/2010
EVERYONE is gonna bother you if you won't make a sequel, slameful!!! If you want us to stop BOTHERING you, you MUST make the new game, OK???
~ Submitted By: Blah - 04/04/2010
When is number 2 comin out
~ Submitted By: JJ - 04/04/2010
................ ok i have thing to say and only saiding it once the second one may never come out they have more life to get on to ,then making games for kids
~ Submitted By: slameful - 03/20/2010
Prophetic and amusing
~ Submitted By: BdG - 03/16/2010
I aggree , Karsten. It was a long time since we spoke to each other. What is your E-mail address? Later, Karsten signed, ~David sisler (sister only W/l )
~ Submitted By: Karsten\'s fr - 03/07/2010
wtfh it wont load on my cpu and mines a 2010 cpu laptop
~ Submitted By: Daregon - 02/21/2010
this game stinks
~ Submitted By: izz - 02/15/2010
y am i not human???
~ Submitted By: Melbourne mormo - 01/24/2010
really good game
~ Submitted By: Melbourne Mormo - 01/24/2010
wow, i want the next chapter. this is so funny
~ Submitted By: madpeinguin85 - 12/24/2009
it won't load on my computer!!!!!
~ Submitted By: vbvcb gbvgfvg - 12/20/2009
of course I'm a human!!! he, he, he
~ Submitted By: gerg4 - 12/13/2009
This game is very simple once you understand how.(-: )-:
~ Submitted By: gerg4 - 12/13/2009
Hey "Fangs", thanks alot. I don't know why I didn't think about it. I really want a second one now! 100th!
~ Submitted By: Hermione - 11/28/2009
Get the stake and the rope. You get the rope by grabbing it off of the back of the steak salesman's cart. Put the stake and rope together to make a grappling hook, then use it with Lemuel., it gets you over the wall. Haha 99th comment!
~ Submitted By: Fangs - 11/22/2009
I don't think that you can finish this. Is that right? I want o be able to continue but boncing on Lemuel doesn't work. Help, Anyone?
~ Submitted By: Hermione Grange - 11/21/2009
haha! this game is hilarious! But make a second one already!!! i heart it
~ Submitted By: Chyanne - 11/07/2009
I wonder what is over the wall, a "Kosher" environment or perhaps a New Yorker? The anticipation is killing me.
~ Submitted By: Jason T - 11/05/2009
If there isn't another one I'm going to die!! P.S. I have "death of no other chapter itis".
~ Submitted By: unknown - 11/01/2009
Where's the 2nd? This is awesome!
~ Submitted By: Matthew - 10/25/2009
i love to make Nephi bounce on laban and smack into the wall. it is so fun
~ Submitted By: karsten - 10/05/2009
l love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Submitted By: David - 09/27/2009
please make #2 NOW!
~ Submitted By: joe - 08/30/2009
it is to easy!!!
~ Submitted By: Laura - 08/16/2009
when are you going to make the next chapter? That was AWESOME!
~ Submitted By: Brooke - 08/09/2009
Ahna, thank you, I admire you for standing up for what you believe in. mormon girl, I understand where you're coming from, but please do try to understand that not all the kids who come to this site are LDS. The ones who do and dis this game are merely expressing their unliking of the game. So please stop preaching.
~ Submitted By: Fangs - 08/09/2009
Im proud to be a Mormon and I wish all of you kids who dont know enough about our beliefs to comment on them-would stop. Satan has a way of pushing hate-we love. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Redeemer and no one else. If you want to make comments that put others down..please dont. Now THATS being more like Christ.
~ Submitted By: Ahna - 08/04/2009
look this cool
~ Submitted By: Nathan - 07/19/2009
i would think that all you mormon kids out there would be more like jesus christ was!! please repent and you will get blessings from god !!!
~ Submitted By: mormon girl - 07/19/2009
I HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builder! HE IS A STEEEEEEWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTT PPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD(A.K.A STUPID (A.K.A STEW PID(A.K.A STEWPID) ) )
~ Submitted By: I HATE bob the - 07/12/2009
I HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the builderI HATE bob the b
~ Submitted By: I HATE bob the - 07/12/2009
~ Submitted By: Emmanator - 07/12/2009
~ Submitted By: KOOLIO PERSON - 05/31/2009
Great Game!! :) Can't wait for the second chapter!
~ Submitted By: Ice-Man58 - 05/25/2009
You need to make another level. Once someone has played this once they get sick of it. not trying to be a neitive ned but people might stop playing this gme because of boredom.
~ Submitted By: sgdfsb - 05/17/2009
~ Submitted By: makinna - 05/17/2009
PRIDE IS OF THE DEVIL SO This game is the one we're most HAPPIEST of! so
~ Submitted By: steak salesman - 04/12/2009
~ Submitted By: steak salesman - 04/12/2009
I like this game but I think that there should be a sequel
~ Submitted By: billybobjoejr - 04/02/2009
Some day the sequel will be made :)
~ Submitted By: Nick - 03/30/2009
we have made it to the promise land!!! i feel things will be peacefull for maaaaany generations!!!!!
~ Submitted By: lehi - 03/29/2009
i agree steak salesman!!!
~ Submitted By: nephi - 03/29/2009
~ Submitted By: stake salesman - 03/29/2009
Hey Nick, when do you think Brother Nephi's Ultra-Funtastic Point-And-Click ADVENTURE 2 is coming out? :/
~ Submitted By: Fireblade - 03/29/2009
Wow, this game has the most comments out of any game on the site!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 03/16/2009
if you are dissing this site get a life and you dont have to play on it anymore and like ya i love this site it rocks
~ Submitted By: mysterious bom - 02/09/2009
when's the second chapter
~ Submitted By: A.L.L - 02/08/2009
when are you guys gonna have a second brother nephi game? I already beat the first one and it's getting boring just waiting for another one to come out. so the big question is WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GONNA MAKE A SECOND NEPHI GAME?!?!?!?!?
~ Submitted By: COOKIE AND CREA - 02/08/2009
what do you do in this game
~ Submitted By: Toby hubbard - 02/04/2009
I love this game, I keep checking for the second part, but I haven't seen anything.
~ Submitted By: Mikey - 02/02/2009
(murmur murmur mrm)
~ Submitted By: lemuel - 02/01/2009
lemuel did NOT die! he was still breathing! and this game is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fun & funny!
~ Submitted By: david - 01/11/2009
i hate thiss game too
~ Submitted By: stephanie - 01/04/2009
Man, this game rocks! There needs to be game 2 though...DO IT NOW! By the way, after you give Lemuel the steak you make a grappling hook out of the wooden stake and the rope. Then use it on Lemuel, it gets you over the wall. Hope that helps!
~ Submitted By: Fireblade - 01/04/2009
lemule eats garbage and dose not die but when he eats raw stake he dies anayway THIS GAME IS ASWOME NEEDS PART 2 P.S did imention lemule is fat sam is hopeful andleman is sssooo ULGY and is a brat and last but 2nd best nephil P.SS the the most aswome guy is............hhhhmmm oh yeah zoram he is a knight anyway THIS GAME IS ASWOME WHERE IS #2 by the way iam a Boy I swear!!
~ Submitted By: Ryan - 12/29/2008
lemule eats garbage and dose not die but when he eats raw stake he dies anayway THIS GAME IS ASWOME NEEDS PART 2 P.S did imention lemule is fat sam is hopeful andleman is sssooo ULGY and is a brat and last but 2nd best nephil P.SS the the most aswome guy is............hhhhmmm oh yeah zoram he is a knight anyway THIS GAME IS ASWOME WHERE IS #2
~ Submitted By: Ryan - 12/29/2008
LOVE THIS GAME!!! It's absolutely awesome. Gives so much more character to the guys you've read about in the scriptures. I especially like the part where Lemuel turns green. =)
~ Submitted By: Ender Wiggin - 12/28/2008
where is no.2 make them up but the game is interesting ..................I LOVE IT
~ Submitted By: Daniel David - 12/10/2008
Yeah you really need to make a second one.
~ Submitted By: AGUY - 10/26/2008
THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
~ Submitted By: Marichana - 10/05/2008
make part 2
~ Submitted By: mary - 10/05/2008
I think this game suck wors than any game iv ever played before
~ Submitted By: Matthew Duke - 10/05/2008
where's number two?
~ Submitted By: Emy - 09/14/2008
yay, number 2 please
~ Submitted By: alex - 09/01/2008
What do you do after you give lemuel the stake?
~ Submitted By: Raoul - 08/29/2008
How do you win?
~ Submitted By: Raoul - 08/29/2008
It will come eventually. Thanks for commenting!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 07/30/2008
~ Submitted By: thompmic - 07/20/2008
wer- where is levl- level to-- two2!-?
~ Submitted By: Junie B. Jones - 07/20/2008
??? ok?
~ Submitted By: clueless - 07/13/2008
Ruber baby buggy bumpers Ruber baby buggy bumpers Ruber baby buggy bumpers Ruber baby buggy bumpers
~ Submitted By: Arnold schwarze - 07/13/2008
This is julia gulia here... i really wanted to say that this is an awesome game. The only problem is that there is no number 2!! So you should add one. I bet you are working on it, but if you possibly could speed up the effort that would be nice. Just kidding. But please publish one because it was fun and i just want to see what is in the city. LOVE JULIA GULIA.
~ Submitted By: julia julia jul - 07/06/2008
I want #2!!!!!
~ Submitted By: Mathias - 07/02/2008
~ Submitted By: Brett - 06/29/2008
PLease... Go Go Wake The Chapter 2 ;D
~ Submitted By: Thal - 06/08/2008
im not mormon
~ Submitted By: kenzie - 06/08/2008
good but wear is part 2
~ Submitted By: sam - 05/11/2008
really funny ahahh. please, make more!! It would be really cool to see an Alma game......
~ Submitted By: Amy - 05/11/2008
~ Submitted By: PETER - 04/27/2008
~ Submitted By: Brett - 04/25/2008
~ Submitted By: ctufirnhng,exur - 04/25/2008
Bob the Builder, can we build it, bob the builder yes we can!!!
~ Submitted By: Bob the builder - 04/25/2008
I like to explode, its fun
~ Submitted By: Your face - 04/25/2008
BoyLemuel IS Very HEAVY
~ Submitted By: Blake - 04/20/2008
~ Submitted By: Blake - 04/20/2008
~ Submitted By: Caryn C. P. - 04/13/2008
How do i get on the 2 level
~ Submitted By: Kailey - 04/13/2008
~ Submitted By: ............... - 04/13/2008
im a boy
~ Submitted By: ............... - 04/13/2008
cheese was here!
~ Submitted By: cheese - 04/12/2008
OH i forgot to say hi to my fans... so hi!! AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!
~ Submitted By: bananarama (aga - 04/12/2008
CHARACTERS: LAMAN: brat LEMUEL: fat SAM: hopeful NEPHI: yay!! this game is FUUUUUUNNY!
~ Submitted By: bananarama - 04/12/2008
Awesome game guys, but yeah i want to see the second version as well lol. Glad to talk with you gents.
~ Submitted By: Representing_co - 04/06/2008
I don't get how to get the crown from the guy an
~ Submitted By: hang10 - 04/06/2008
~ Submitted By: liberty howell - 03/23/2008
yer i need to play part to too
~ Submitted By: benson - 03/20/2008
this game is ausomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
~ Submitted By: jose - 03/19/2008
it is good,but i need to play part 2.
~ Submitted By: Natalie - 03/10/2008
where is number 2
~ Submitted By: ed - 02/23/2008
This game might be one of the best on here!... but after a while it gets old.Where's number 2??
~ Submitted By: mormon9 - 02/13/2008
hey peoples! u think this sucks how bout u check on newgrounds u can find it there which is proof that it doesnt suck because newgrounds doesnt accept sucky games which is exactly why none of mine are on newgrounds
~ Submitted By: finchywinchylyn - 02/10/2008
great game...but i want the second chapter...these get kinda old after a while
~ Submitted By: 1234 - 02/10/2008
Great game, but where's no.2?
~ Submitted By: crura - 02/09/2008
sweet game!
~ Submitted By: hio - 02/03/2008
when is the the second chapter coming. I am getting sick of waiting!
~ Submitted By: bigs - 01/27/2008
this game is so funny that it feels like im going to die!
~ Submitted By: alex - 01/23/2008
@ "hi" : The 2nd chapter is on hiatus until we get more time to tackle its awesomeness.
~ Submitted By: Nick - 01/20/2008
im a girl
~ Submitted By: hhhh - 01/20/2008
i agree with bigs
~ Submitted By: HI90 - 01/20/2008
where is the second chapter
~ Submitted By: hi - 01/20/2008
This game is one of the ones we're most proud of!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 01/16/2008
i hate this game its so boring
~ Submitted By: gamelover - 01/16/2008
This Is the funnest game ever!
~ Submitted By: bigs - 01/13/2008

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